Let's learn to save a life Let's learn to save a life

Let's learn to save a life
Let's learn CPR

What is Revive Heart Foundation (iCARE) and what does it do?

Revive Heart Foundation (iCARE) is a non-profit intiative by Holy Family Hospital, Bandra (w), Mumbai, that dedicates itself in the cause of educating members of public on how to save the life of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest victim when time is of paramount importance and emergency medical services may take time to arrive.

One of the commonest causes of death in the country is heart disease due to which almost 30% of the population (young and old) drop dead suddenly at home or at public places (without any knowledge or indication of any diseases of the heart). They die of what is medically known as a SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST (SCA). Such SCA victims can be saved by bystanders by providing immediate cardiac resuscitation and shocking the heart to a normal rhythm until medical help arrives and the patient is taken to the hospital.

Yes, non medical, general people on the street CAN save lives if they are educated and shown how to. Revive Heart Foundation (iCARE) aims at creating such awareness and imparting free trainings to members of public (bystanders) on how to perform CCR (Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation) and how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that delivers life saving, measured shocks to the arrested heart, thereby reviving it.

Revive Heart Foundation (iCARE) also aims to provide AEDs by installing a sizable number of them in generally known public places, so they can be used by trained community members to attend to cardiac arrest victims and save lives.

What we offer

Trainings on life saving techniques on Cardiac arrest resuscitation. All our trainings are absolutely FREE of cost and are conducted by BLS certified professionals or/and HFH cardiologists or both.

  • Difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest
  • 4 easy steps to save a victim of a cardiac arrest
  • How to recognise cardiac arrest
  • How to perform hands-only chest compressions or CPR
  • How to administer life saving shocks via an AED machine
  • All questions answered by cardiologists/BLS professionals

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Revive Heart Foundation (iCARE) has trained the following organizations

They know CPR and can help others

  • Inner Wheel Rotary
  • Holy Family Hospital, Staff
  • Bandra Gymkhana
  • Union Bank
  • Police Officials, Bandra(W)
  • Holy Family Hospital, Consultants
  • St Andrews (Staff/NSS Students)
  • Khar Gymkhana
  • UCDC, Bandra W
  • Police Officials, Khar W
  • Bank Of India
  • Otter's Club
  • Thadomal Shahni Engg College
  • Bandra Railway Station
  • Womens Hospital, Khar W
  • Fire Brigade, Bandra W

Frequently asked questions


  • 4 Quick steps to save a person who has just suffered cardiac arrest.
  • What is CPR/CCR?

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

  • What is an AED?
  • What is the procedure to use an AED machine?
  • Can AEDs be safely used?
  • How much jolt is administered by an AED ? Can an actual electric shock be given to the victim ?
...more in the FAQ section

Watch how to save a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest

This video is a demonstrative role play of a real life situation on how to promptly help a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest, keep his heart functioning until emergency services arrive.

Watch how to provide CPR and administer an AED

Fun Fact: This video has been one of the entries for "Yes, I am the Change' program by Yes Bank.

Since our humble beginnings in the later months of 2017, with very little funds to cover our expenses, we have successfully educated close to 120,000 members of public (which include General Public, Police Personnel, Railway and Fire fighters ) on the basics of life saving techniques for cardiac arrest emergencies. This number continues to grow every week.

We also, now have close to 305 first responder volunteer Heart Marshals who have committed themselves to save lives without any want for money or fame.
We have successfully completed over 600 workshops (Hands on / Online) for various organizations, a few are listed above.
We strive to continue imparting free educational trainings with just one aim in our hearts - To save as many lives as possible.